I have learnt to understand my sadness and work hard to deal with this emotion, but every now and then it raises it’s ugly head. Mostly it aids to increase my bipolar  and gives it strength. Have you ever felt like you want to scream but nothing comes out? Or cry but you’ve run out of tears? Well if you have, you will totally appreciate my mood right now. When I feel this way I can’t concentrate on anything positive and there is ambiguity in everything, absolute grey area. It takes me such a long time to rid myself of this empty sadness, but I do until the next time. Fortunately the interludes between episodes are becoming longer but the pain some how becomes more concentrated because of the distance.

I fight for happiness every day and it is becoming my friend albeit distant. Happiness is not insignificant, it should be mandatory. Fight as hard as you can for it because the “sad” doesn’t deserve to have power over your life.

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